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Steroid powder purchasing

Author : Johns Date : 11/24/2013 7:30:03 PM
 there are two steps on steroid powder business: choosing supplier and shipping
part one:choosing supplier meeting the following points
1.price reasonable,in the middle of all suppliers
2.supplier reply inquiry in 24 hours
3.after service, if goods seized,how to compensate,always 30% repay for reshipping
4.please don't only inquiry verified/God supplier on B2B ,because they pay money for the service ,so product fees is higher ,but we can't make sure they can supply better service or product quality
5.test the supplier by asking product details like appearance
Part two:shipping and package
it's important process,in my opinion,we should choose different international express company for passing the custom,EMS is good choice for most countries ,except when clients has special requirement,at the same time , you should pack the goods by hiding the product feature
I will introduce the shipping detailed in next article
wish you concern