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Sustanon 250mg/ml semi-finished oil

Sustanon 250mg/ml semi-finished oil

Sustanon 250mg/ml semi-finished oil
Product name : Sustanon 250mg/ml semi-finished oil
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 Sustanon 250mg/ml cook recipe :

Sustanon 250 Conversion Recipes:
1)Sustanon 250ml @ 400mg/ml
Testosterone Blend powder : 100g
Grapeseed oil: 168ml
Benzyl Alcohol: 15ml
2)800ml @ 250mg/ml
Testosterone Blend powder 200g (150ml)
2% BA 16ml
20% BB 160ml
474ml GSO

3)Sustanon 333ml @ 300mg/ml
100grams powder (75ml)
5mL BA (2%)
50mL BB (20%)
203mL Grapeseed oil

how to use semi-finished steroid ?
you should do process of filter, repack into vial , sterilization before use the products , so it is semi-finished steroid.
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min order is 500ml for each products
Payment Method: Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Moneygram
Shipping Method: Various shipping methods can be choosen accordingly based on the order quantity and destination country.
Delivery time: Package will be sent out within 24 hours on confirmation of the payment.
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