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Testosterone Cypionate 300mg/ml

Testosterone Cypionate 300mg/ml

Testosterone Cypionate 300mg/ml
Product name : Testosterone Cypionate 300mg/ml
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 Testosterone Cypionate 300mg/ml recipe:

Test Cypionate - 1g Displaces 0.909mL
Testosterone Cypionate 40mls @ 300mgs/ml
12g powder
11.8ml EO
10ml GSO
1.2ml BA (3%)
8ml BB (20%)

Testosterone Cypionate 300mg/ml info:

Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
Method Of Administration:injectable form
Active life:15-16 days
Drug Class:injectable Anabolic Androgenic steroid
Detection Time:3 months
Common doses:250mg+(500mg-1g common)per week
Blood pressure:high risk
Acne:high risk if prone
Water retention:if prone can be high
Aromatisation:Yes,high rate
DHT con conversion:yes,high rate
Decrease HPTA function:yes,severe
Effect:testosterone Cypionate promotes sex drive, as well as both muscle gain and fat loss

Testosterone cypionate application :

Testosterone cypionate is used for replacement therapy in males due to deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone. It is a drug that belongs to the androgen class of drugs. Testosterone cypionate is a drug used in men who do not produce naturally the hormone called testosterone. It helps improving the symptoms of low testosterone levels. It may also be used to treat primary hypogonadism, testicular failure caused by cryptocorchidism, orchitis or bilateral torsion.
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